Created 21-Feb-15
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This gallery is specifically to look at how my Fuji X-M1 CSC held up against my Canon 6D with a 24-105 L lens attached. I wanted a small and light travel camera for social and holiday use without loosing too much control and image quality. Except for the Canon and Fuji 2 edited photos these are straight raw to jpeg conversions in Lightroom. I have also included the JPEG created by the Fuji to see what in camera processing it applied to the raw file. In general I did not make any changes to the basic program settings chosen by the camera (mainly aperture priority with no exposure compensation) to see how the metering faired.
Canon 1Fuji 1Fuji 1 JPEGCanon 2Canon 2 EditFuji 2Fuji 2 EditFuji 2 JPEGCanon 3Fuji 3Fuji 3 JPEGCanon 4Fuji 4Fuji 4 JPEGCanon 5Fuji 5Fuji 5 JPEGCanon 6Fuji 6Fuji 6 JPEG

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