The Learning Zone

This page contains links to some of the training material I am putting together. Some of it may be written by me and some may just be external links to other sites. If you have any questions, feedback or something you would like to see here drop me a mail or add a guestbook entry on the Guestbook page.

This Back To Basics PDF is based upon a talk about the basic camera functionality. It looks at things like setting shutter speeds, aperture values, ISO and white balance. 

Back To Basics

This Layers PDF is based upon I talk about using Photoshop Layers. The examples are done using Photoshop CC but layers, blending modes and masking layers are all available in Photoshop Elements. The History Brush is not available in current versions of Elements. The History Brush function can easily be mimicked though by using a layer mask on an adjustment layer or copy of an image layer.

Layers Talk Presentation

Layers Talk Additional Notes

This talk was to include examples on how to create composite images - montages - but we did not have time. If you are interested in how to create them check out this blog article I wrote about it.

Composite Images

I’ve been giving a lot talks about Lightroom recently and promised a few people some ‘further reading’. What started out as a couple pages of notes has grown into a mini-book! Anyway, the Lightroom guide covers some of the basics about the catalog and the editing tools. I hope you find it useful.

Lightroom Guide