Hi, I'm iain.

Obviously with a name like that I do not look anything like Charlotte shown here but her shot does show exactly the kind of images I like to create.

I am a semi-professional photographer based in Sittingbourne, Kent and, although I like many types of photography, I mainly shoot landscapes, portraits, fashion and editorial. I also love to do dance-based work and in particular ballet themed shoots.

Post processing, to include texturing and effects, is a common feature in my work with the taking of an image being only part of the story for me in many cases.

I consider myself as a semi-professional photographer because I am a director of Rochester Studios, in Kent, where I can shoot a range of styles, but this is not my main source of income. The studio has a large infinity cove ideal for groups, fashion work and dance using a comprehensive range of studio equipment. I also have portable studio equipment for location or home based shoots.

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