Iain Blacklock Online Tutorials for Lightroom and Studio Lighting

Online Tutorials

Please check out my new online video tutorials on YouTube. I plan to release a series based on Lightroom off the back of the many camera club lectures I have given in the past and hopefully introduce other videos based on my digital workflow and studio work. Please let me know if there is anything you are particularly interested in and I will look at what can be done. These videos are free but I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the channel so that I can get at least enough followers to create a personal channel name!

Don't forget I can run workshops and tutorials in my studio for software, lighting and photography. Check out the Pricing info for details.

The Lightroom Catalog

In this tutorial we look at where the Lightroom catalog is created by default, how you can create new catalogs and how you can move a catalog.

What is the Lightroom catalog?

In this second tutorial we look at the three main things the Lightroom catalog stores, where images are, the edits made to them and metadata such as keywords and ratings.


In this tutorial we look at demystifying the Lightroom Import options.

Asset Management -Flags, ratings and colour labels

In this tutorial we start looking at ways of managing your images using flags, ratings, and colour labels. We look at how your can use the Attribute toolbar option to search your catalog using these basic tags.

Asset Management - Keywords

This tutorial continues to look at asset management using Lightroom's ability to define keywords and how we can structure keywords to aid searching for that all important correct image.

Asset Management - Metadata

In this tutorial we look at the final filter option Metadata which enables us to search our catalog using predefined metadata from out camera such as shutter speed and aperture through to GPS data and manually entered metadata.

Asset Management -Collections

In this tutorial we look at using collections to create groups of related images whilst keeping them in their original folder locations. We look at manually created collections as well as smart rule based collections and creating collection sets to organise our collections.

Asset Management -Using Stacks

In this short tutorial we take a look at how to use stacks to keep your catalog folders tidy.

Develop Module - The Basic Panel

In this tutorial we start to look at editing our images in the Develop module paying particular attention to the Basic panel adjustments for exposure, tone control, and colour.

Develop Module - The Tone Curve

In this tutorial we look at how to use the tone curve to do localised tonal adjustments over and above what we can do in the basic panel using the exposure, contrast, and tone sliders. We also look at how the tone curve can be used to do colour grading.

Apologies for the loud intro - I forgot to alter the playback volume of the clip!