Four Light Setups

Continuing to build on previous setups, here we look at a four light setup. Really, for lighting setups with more than two lights, we are looking at adding additional accent lights to our key light and fill light. These take the form of hair lights, background lights, lights for adding effects like gobos or illuminating smoke, or lights to highlight specific parts of a scene.

Using a gobo

Gobos allow for patterns, shapes or colours of light to be projected using a device similar to a snoot which projects a small focused beam of light. You do not need a gobo for a four light setup you could just use a simple reflector dish as a background light.

Using a gobo

Layout and final image

Here we are combining all the techniques we have learnt up to this stage. We are using a key light to provide the main light source on Pixie Elle, a fill light to lift the shadows down her left hand-side and a hair light to give her hair definition against the black background. We are adding a further level of definition between her and the background with a fourth light with a gobo projecting the blind effect.

I am using a gobo just to create something a little different. A more classical four light setup would be to use the fourth light as a straight background light behind Pixie.