Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting Tutorials Pricing by Iain Blacklock

Studio Lighting

I run studio lighting courses which covers the types and powers of strobes, modifiers and single through to multiple lighting setups. I usually recommend a 3 hour session using a model for the last two hours. I run the course at my studio in Rochester.



Headshot pricing by Iain Blacklock


Headshots and portraits for corporate publications, college submissions or portfolios. A 2 hour session with access to a full gallery of edited images for download.


Portrait Sessions

Portrait Session Pricing by Iain Blacklock

Portrait Sessions

Individual or group portrait sessions. A 4 hour session with access to an online gallery of all edited images.

Starting from £100


Working with Iain Blacklock on collaborations


I am always open to collaborative shoots with seasoned and aspiring models. I will supply an online gallery of edited prints and only ask that I can also use any images for my own portfolio. Shoots can be studio or location based.

£ Time

Introduction to Lightroom

Lightroom Tutorial session pricing

Introduction to Lightroom

Getting started with Lightroom covering setting up your catalogue, editing functions and using with other software like Photoshop. This is a one to one course lasting around 3-4 hours.

Studio lighting

How is the session structured?

I usually take an hour to go over the basics of lighting which may be all you want. I do suggest however you take some additional time using a professional model to put into practice what we have discussed.

How long do I need?

After the initial hour I personally recommend maybe using a model for two hours to put into practice what we have discussed and hopefully come away from the session not only armed with some knowledge of how to use studio lighting but also have some nice portfolio work to go with it. The additional time though is purely down to your choice and may not be wanted at all.

Can I bring my own model?

Absolutely. I do strongly recommend though you use somebody with modelling experience so you can concentrate on the lighting and not get weighed down worrying about posing your model.

We can of course arrange a model for you if you need us to.

Can you break down the costs for me?

A single hours tuition in the studio is £50.
Each additional hour including a model is a £50.
Each additional hour with you own model is £25

Is one hour really enough time to learn the basics?

Yes, but don't forget it is designed to get you started, help you understand some of the terminology and light principals. Mastering it takes just a shade longer. What you really need is practice which is why I recommend the additional time with a model. I will not be throwing you out of the door dead on 60 minutes anyway.

What exactly do you cover?

Different types of on and off camera strobes from speed lights to battery and mains powered strobes.
Merits of different powers of strobes.
Camera settings, triggers, and flash meters.
Understanding the various types of lights and modifiers such as bare bulbs, reflectors, soft boxes, beauty dishes, scrims, light blockers, diffusers and even walls and ceilings!
Understanding hard and soft lighting and light behaviour.
Using one through to multiple lights on a shoot and terminology.

Do you cater for groups?

Yes, contact me to discuss your requirements but as a general rule of thumb I would allow 2 hours tutorial time instead of 1. This allows more time to work with individuals. Some models charge more for group shoots and this may need to be factored in.


What does a headshot session cover?

Headshots are usually required for corporate publications, applications or social media profiles. They are for a single person and generally have limited changes in outfits - one or two. The session can also include full length shots if required - for example dance college applications.

What do I get from the shoot?

You can expect a minimum of ten edited images that you can download from this website. The images are supplied at a resolution suitable for websites, email, social media sites etc. but I will also provide 5 full resolution images as part of the package. Each additional high resolution image is charged at £10 up to a maximum of £100. After ordering 5 additional images the remainder will essentially be provided for free effectively capping the price at £100.

Do you include a makeup artist?

No. We can source one if required but the may incur additional charges.


What does a portrait session cover?

A portrait session generally means multiple changes of outfits, themes and lighting setups. It may also, of course, involve more than one person, for example a family.

What do I get from a shoot?

An online gallery you can download all images in high resolution from.

It says 'Price starting from'. What other costs may there be?

The cost is based on a 4 hour shoot. Additional hours are charged at £25 but it is unlikely a shoot would last more than 4 hours. The price does not include makeup artist but they can be sourced at additional cost. Groups larger then 4 may also incur a higher charge.


What is your definition of collaboration?

A collaboration is a small group consisting of as little as a photographer and model, through to additional members or items such as makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, props and even locations. The group work together to produce a body of work that is shared for self promotion without any exchange of payment.

What do you bring to the collaboration?

Working with me gives you access to my studio if required and of course my photography and lighting knowledge.

What do I get from the shoot?

Access to an online gallery of full resolution images and social media sized images that can be downloaded and used for any purpose. Obviously it is polite to credit other members of team if and when you do use them.


What does this course Cover?

This course was born out of a talk I used to give to camera clubs around Kent. It is in introduction to using Lightroom and covers understanding the Lightroom catalogue, importing images, using metadata and other tags to categorise, sort and locate your images, editing images and exporting them. It also touches on integrating with other packages like Photoshop.

Are you endorsed or sponsored by Adobe?

No. This course is based around my own use of Lightroom and the questions I invariably see asked about the product. I do not receive any form of financial benefit from Adobe.

Do you still give the talk to camera clubs?

The honest answer is I prefer not to because I have found there is just too much to fit into the normal 2 hour or so meeting lengths and I invariably overrun. It can be done but over the years Adobe has added more functionality making it even more difficult. Please feel free to discuss it with me though if it is something you are interested in.

Can you do a group session?

Yes, I have run group sessions in the past up to 6 people. Please keep in mind though it becomes difficult to run this as a workshop and is more of a show and tell session because the session can become weighed down with individual's laptop and setting issues. Group sessions are priced at £50 per person.